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Best VPS Hosting Services of 2023

Money back: 30 day

VPSGround, is a global provider of virtual server, dedicated server, ssd hosting, managed wordpress hosting, reseller hosting, master reseller hosting, ssl certificates, bulk sms, domain registration and more. VPSGround has all the tools y...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Cheap cPanel Hosting (Platinum) 5 GB cPanel 50 GB $0.99
OpenVZ (Business) 100 GB CentOS Web Panel 200 GB $9.99
Intel Xeon E3-1240V2 Managed 1 TB CentOS Web Panel 10 TB $120
Intel Xeon E3 or E5 Server (StartUP) 5 GB SSD cPanel Unlimited $4.99
United States
Money back: 30 day

HostMonster has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal web sites since 1996. Its internet hosting package helps businesses and individuals get high-powered service at a fraction of the cost. With HostMon...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Standard cPanel $19.99
United Kingdom
Money back: 30 day

Host Surf UK is a UK Web Host and Server Provider. Services include OpenVM & KVM VPS, Dedicated Servers, Cloud Servers and SSL Certificates. With over 7 years of experience in the industry and all backed up with 24/7 support we guarante...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Bronze VU 100 GB Plesk 2000 GB £16.99
Money back: 30 day

For more than 8 years, 7SKYHOST has been one of the established brands in the hosting industry. It was created with the concrete claim to offer small and medium-sized companies the desired hosting services to an optimal price – perfor...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Level One 4 GB Plesk 5000 GB $20
Level Two 6 GB Plesk 7500 GB $30
Level Three 8 GB Plesk 10000 GB $40
Money back: 30 day

HostBend, LLC is an internet service company based in Haysi, VA. Registered in 2019, HostBend, LLC has grown to be a premier provider of internet services for thousands of users.

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Website Hosting 10GB cPanel Unmetered $6
Starter 20GB Plesk Unmetered $2.99
Basic 40GB Plesk Unmetered $4.5
Plus 80GB Plesk Unmetered $9
United States
Money back: none

Since 2001, The Best Hosting at the Best Price! DataPacket's mission is simple, our clients come first and you'll see that reflected in every service we deliver. We're an experienced and professional partner that you can coun...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
VServer 1 GB 50 GB Plesk 30 TB $3.46
DServer 500 GB Plesk 50 TB $25
Linux Starter 100 GB Plesk 10 TB $5
Linux Standard 100 GB Plesk 20 TB $15
United Kingdom
Money back: 14 day

PREMIUM RDP is a web hosting provider that specializes in dedicated server hosting, cloud server and its related products and services. The Company started its business as a Sister Company of International IT Company Premium Technologies Pr...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Cloud plan 1 20 Froxlor 5 TB $5
VPS Plan 1 20 DirectAdmin 1 $7
Money back: 14 day

HosterDaddy is one of the fastest-growing companies in the web hosting industry. You don’t have to go searching anywhere for finding a reliable web hosting partner because we have crafted web hosting solutions that can fill the void l...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Standard Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $2.99
Pro Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.99
Pro+ Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $5.99
Elite 20GB cPanel Unlimited $9.99
Money back: 30 day

ByteNAP is the best Web Hosting Company in India. Featuring next-generation hardware and powerful resources that empower your website to deliver superior performance. All these in Cheap Hosting plans in India come bundled with Free Domain a...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Advance 100GB cPanel Unlimited Rs350
Personal 10GB cPanel Unlimited Rs100
Starter 100GB cPanel Unlimited Rs200
Professional Unlimited cPanel Unlimited Rs500
United States
Money back: 30 day

 Founded in 2011, Bisend is dedicated to offering high quality managed web hosting service to our customers by using industry leading technologies. The business is owned by Light Red Tech Co., Ltd, a company registered in London, with ...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Standard 2 GB cPanel 60 GB $35
Enhanced 4 GB cPanel 80 GB $40
Ultimate 8 GB cPanel 160 GB $60
United States
Money back: 30 day

eLite Server Management is a leading name in the field of cPanel Server management and monitoring by virtue of its superior service and unmatchable pricing. The most popular web hosting options include shared hosting, VPS hosting, W...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
BASIC 20 GB cPanel Unlimited $2.95
Bronze 300 GB cPanel Unlimited $19.95
Dual Xeon E5-2670 480 GB SSD Other 15 TB $59.95
EVPS-1Core 50 GB SSD KVM 1 TB $9.9
United States
Money back: none

Azure is the only major cloud platform ranked by Gartner as an industry leader for both infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and platform-as-a-service (PaaS). This powerful combination of managed and unmanaged services lets you build, deploy ...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
A0 20 GB Plesk Unmetered $13

What is VPS hosting?

VPS, or Virtual Private Servers, is a popular hosting plan that provides virtual servers, which allows you to do more than just hosting a website. A virtual private server operates similarly to a dedicated server. Sometimes the term "VPS" can be confused with VPN but VPS and VPN are two completely different services.

VPS hosting is considered a solution between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In shared hosting plans, a physical server is shared among many users and users have almost no control over the server. On the other hand, dedicated hosting plans provide a complete physical server to users and users have full control over the physical server. VPS brings the power of virtualization to create a new hosting plan between these two traditional plans.

How does VPS work?

In VPS, you are technically sharing a physical server, but your site is partitioned off. This means you are not sharing any resources with the users you are sharing the server. Your hosting service provider creates a virtual private server with the specifications you have chosen and allows you to configure it with the full administrative access you have. You have your own disk space, operating system, CPU, RAM, and bandwidth.

Virtualization technology basically takes the physical server as a whole and divides resources for different accounts. It is done with virtualization software, which is also known as a hypervisor. It creates a virtual machine, which is capable of performing the functions of a server. Since both hardware and software are separated from other users on the servers, if something happens to another's VPS on the same server, it will not affect other VPSs since they are completely isolated.

VPS vs. Shared hosting

Since you have full control over your virtual server and your own dedicated resources, VPS is better than shared hosting plans in many ways. VPS provides better performance than shared hosting plans since you are allotted your own share of resources and you are sharing the physical server with fewer users. Also having your own dedicated IP address removes the risk of your IP address getting blacklisted.

VPS plans grant full control and allows an administrator to manage services and install complex software, which requires admin permissions. Most of this software can't be installed with shared hosting plans. VPS plans also allow users to harden their system further from shared hosting plans. Since VPS plans grants root access, you can do a lot more to protect your system against cyber attacks. On the other hand, VPS plans are more expensive than shared hosting plans.

Types of VPS hosting

Just like in some other hosting plans, there are two types of VPS hosting.

Managed VPS Hosting: Managed VPS plans mostly offer pre-installed WHM and cPanel, on a CentOS server. There are also hosting service providers that offer Plesk, DirectAdmin, or Virtualizor. In managed hosting plans, the hosting service provider is also responsible for core server maintenance and management responsibilities, which include, malware and DDoS protection, OS and administration software updates, server monitoring, and technical support. Managed VPS hosting plans are slightly more expensive than unmanaged versions but if you are inexperienced in these steps, it would be wise to let the hosting company take care of these steps for you.

Unmanaged VPS Hosting: In unmanaged VPS hosting, the hosting provider doesn't provide any pre-installed software for the users, which provides more flexibility to the user. Users are provided with greater customization and control over the virtual server they paid for. Users are also responsible for taking care of core server management tasks. Unmanaged VPS hosting plans are more affordable than managed VPS hosting plans since they include the licenses for the enterprise software they provide. Managed VPS hosting plans requires experience in the field, such as secure shell, security information and event management, Linux command-line interface, web server software management, and disaster recovery.

Advantages of VPS hosting

Let's take a closer look at some of the advantages of the VPS hosting we mentioned above.

Root access: The root access allows users to be completely independent of the hosting service provider in terms of the software. When you have full control over the server, you can install the software you need only. The root access also provides complete information about the server, allowing users to decide when to upgrade or downgrade.

Isolation: As we mentioned before, VPS provides complete isolation from other systems using the same physical server. This means the service you are receiving will not be bothered if some of your neighbors are doing something or some attackers target them.

Scalable: VPS plans allow users to upgrade or downgrade the plans they have chosen easily. Your hosting service provider can change the amounts of your plans resource within minutes only by adjusting the limits in a hypervisor. Thus you can easily adjust your limits according to the demand.

Snapshot: VPS plans offer snapshot support, which can save you from unwanted errors. A snapshot is basically a state of the system at a certain point. Taking a snapshot before making big changes in your VPS is a very safe method. If anything goes wrong, you can easily turn back to the snapshot you have taken and return your system to its previous state. However, backups and snapshots are different things. A backup copies the whole system, on the other hand, a snapshot only contains changes. Thus, snapshots need less space than backups and can be restored and created faster.

Affordable: Although VPS hosting plans are generally more expensive than shared hosting plans, they are still cheaper than dedicated hosting plans, and they provide the most benefits of a dedicated hosting plan. So if a dedicated hosting plan is too expensive for you but you still want to install the software of your choice or need root admin for some reason, VPS hosting plans are the best options you can find. Also, you can scale them to suit your need, which means you don't need to pay for the hardware that you don't need.

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