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Informations yulPa est une société française fondée en 2017 dont le métier est l'hébergement de données, d'emails et de gestion de noms de domaines. Elle vous propose aussi des servi...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Start 25 cPanel Unmetered €5
Zen 50 cPanel Unmetered €10
Premium 100 cPanel Unmetered €15
Money back: none

Hosting Plans To Meet Every Need By studying the hosting market for over ten years, we are able to provide the cheapest prices out of all the competitors! Powerful web hosting designed to meet your needs. Our website hosting packages are...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Basic 5GB Plesk Unmetered $1.11
Standard 10GB Plesk Unmetered $2.23
Premium 20GB Plesk Unmetered $4.46
Ultimate 50GB Plesk Unmetered $8.91
United States
Money back: none

2gbHosting Offers A Great Fleet OF Web Hosting Services Founded by the world’s young group of tech entrepreneurs 15 years back, 2gbHosting provides the best hosting services & solutions to various internet users of the world. ...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
SL1 Unlimited cPanel Unlimited ₹1250
SL2 Unlimited cPanel Unlimited ₹2450
Money back: 30 day

VPSGround, is a global provider of virtual server, dedicated server, ssd hosting, managed wordpress hosting, reseller hosting, master reseller hosting, ssl certificates, bulk sms, domain registration and more. VPSGround has all the tools y...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Cheap cPanel Hosting (Platinum) 5 GB cPanel 50 GB $0.99
OpenVZ (Business) 100 GB CentOS Web Panel 200 GB $9.99
Intel Xeon E3-1240V2 Managed 1 TB CentOS Web Panel 10 TB $120
Intel Xeon E3 or E5 Server (StartUP) 5 GB SSD cPanel Unlimited $4.99
United States
Money back: 30 day

About KVC hosting KVC Hosting was started in 2010 with the sole purpose of creating a host company that was affordable to all. Since its inception, the company has had steady growth due to our practical business model, so much so that we&#...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
K Hosting 100 GB cPanel Unlimited $1.89
V Hosting Unlimited cPanel 1000 GB $2.99
C Hosting Unlimited cPanel Unlimited $3.49
Money back: none

ABOUT ZOMRO.NET For any web resource requires hosting, and not just hosting, but reliable, fault-tolerant and stable. We have tried to translate it into reality. Zomro began its journey in 2014. Yes, in the beginning it was difficult,...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Affordable 5.000 MB ISPConfig Unlimited $1.25
Favourable 10.000 MB ISPConfig Unlimited $2.5
Optimal 15.000 MB ISPConfig Unlimited $3.5
Corporate 20.000 MB ISPConfig Unlimited $4.5
Money back: none

ABOUT US EverData is a leading data center, cloud solution provider, and IPV6 consulting company in India that is focused on meeting the rapidly growing data demands of India’s Digital Revolution. EverData has established Rajastha...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
202GB 202GB cPanel Unlimited Rs495
SL1 Unlimited cPanel Unlimited Rs1250
SL2 Unlimited cPanel Unlimited Rs2450
SL3 Unlimited cPanel Unlimited Rs5000
Money back: none

ABOUT US All Server Solution strongly agrees with this stupendous quote by Sir Winston Churchill and started its journey as the prominent leader in the field of web hosting services to emerge as the most competent player in the global mark...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Starter cPanel 1 GB $2.5
Medium cPanel 10 GB $7.9
Advanced cPanel 50 GB $12.5
Blogger cPanel 100 GB $19.5
United Kingdom
Money back: none

About HostForLIFE.eu We understand the importance of choosing the right web host for your website We are Windows ASP.NET Core hosting experts Our team of server experts are able to deploy and manage most any type of server configuratio...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Classic Unlimited SSD Plesk Unlimited €3.49
Budget Unlimited SSD Plesk Unlimited €5.5
Economy Unlimited SSD Plesk Unlimited €8
Business Unlimited SSD Plesk Unlimited €10.99
Money back: none

About WebCare360™ WebCare360™ is privacy-driven hosting company registered in an offshore zone of St. Kitts & Nevis, started its journey in Nov 2009 to meet the growing demand for private secure offshore web hosting and s...

Plan name Disk space Control Panel Bandwidth Price
Basic 5GB SSD cPanel 500GB $3.99
Standard 10GB SSD cPanel 1000GB $5.99
Expanded 15GB SSD cPanel 1500GB $9.99
DDOS Safe 10GB SSD cPanel 500GB $99.99

It can be tricky to choose the best web hosting service provider to suit your needs. If your provider is constantly causing problems, it doesn’t matter how good your website looks or how useful it is, you probably will not be able to get the results you want. So let’s take a closer look at the thing you should consider while choosing the best web hosting companies.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a server where your content and files stored in. When a visitor tries to access your web site by typing the domain name, the visitor is redirected to the stored files. Your domain name is translated to an IP address of your web hosting companies computer. Shortly, you can think of it as an actual building, where all your belongings placed. The visitor needs to know the address to the house, then when accessed, the visitor can see the house and everything inside.

How to choose web hosting services?

Your brand’s web presence depends on your success in choosing the correct web hosting service. Here are seven factors for choosing the best web hosting provider for you. Choosing the perfect web hosting service can be confusing. With some simple tips, you can easily choose the provider that suits your needs. By considering these seven factors, you can strengthen your online presence. Here are some important things to consider before buying the service:

Performance and availability

This is probably the most important factor. As we all know, no one wants to wait for a long load time in 2021, nor see the website they are trying to reach not responding. They will leave your website immediately and it will affect your SEO rating negatively and you will end up losing traffic. To avoid such situations, find information about the service providers’ availability time and keep this in mind, better hardware components mostly mean better performance.


Obviously, security is also very important, especially if users are logging in on your website or making a purchase via their web card. Service provider’s vulnerability can cause serious damage to your reputation too. You can also check if the provider offers a free SSL certificate or not.


It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, everyone can need technical support and customer service from time to time. Most web hosting companies offer 24/7 technical support nowadays, but you still may want to double-check. Also, don’t forget that technical support teams are also responsible for taking care of hardware, OS, patching, and server monitoring.

Control Panel

We all know control panels can help you make changes easily and faster. So it would be nice to choose a provider with a control panel. Most popular control panel developers are cPanel and Plesk.


Your website’s hosting service should be able to support your growth. This means you shouldn’t have any availability issues even during the unexpected and high traffic peaks.


It would be horrible to lose the content on your website irreversibly. Backup is a critical feature to avoid such issues. With daily backup service, in the worst-case scenario, your website would only go back to the day before the incident happens.


Your hardware affects the performance of your website directly. You should consider the CPU, the GPU, the RAM, and the storage type before choosing your service provider. It depends on your website’s complexity and the traffic you need to handle.


We all know that cost also matters a lot. But make sure you got all of your needs are met by the web hosting service provider first. If you still have more than one option, you can choose the most affordable one.

Which hosting type do you need?


Shared web hosting is the most common option for basic web hosting and small businesses. By basic we mean it is accessible by the most people at reduced rates, not as scalable compared to other solutions but quite capable of running many modern server components – like PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc. All content management systems can be installed by one click, like your own-hosted copy of WordPress. They are also quite manageable by any tech-savvy person through the interface provided. The web hosting company provides basic security, and the rest is on your shoulders for keeping the content management system you use up to date.


Dedicated web hosting servers are like shared hosting options; the difference is that you are alone in the server. You can use all the resources of one physical machine and generally use a GUI management tool to execute tasks on the server like backup and installation of server components.


This is the place where things get pro-level techy. In VPS hosting, you will have a VPS (Virtual Private Server) system, which means a virtual GNU/Linux box with a console interface to managed the whole system. You will have some storage, at least one network interface, and a few virtual CPU cores.You will oversee every aspect of the virtual system. If you have an unpatched web server, you might get hacked, as well. These systems may be scaled a little bit by adding more virtual CPU cores (vCPU), network interfaces, and storage, but that is all. You will be limited by the hypervisor performance and underlying bare metal system.


Cloud Hosting is the most versatile option today, expanding and shrinking at will. Adding and removing services, servers, and many different abilities are done in the blink of an eye. Not only versatile but also a cost-efficient way to host anything, the cloud has the security, scalability, and performance best in the world. You may also like to have, for example, only data storage without dealing with other aspects of building a server for it. Maybe you just want to have a database hosting on the cloud. A place that all your endpoint devices read and write to, regardless of their type. Managing cloud hosting is easier, and things happen faster. You think that it is unlikely to a disaster hit your systems so that many people do before something breaks down, and they moan of agony and despair. Cloud options provide you with the utmost security, while disaster recovery is quite fast compared to all other options.

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Cloud7.news is one of the most reliable and popular online news source hosting, cloud computing, cybersecurity, data center, Linux, and so on. Cloud7.news is visited by thousands of professionals from the field and individuals who are interested in building their websites or who want to improve themselves in related fields. Choosing the best hosting provider to suit the needs can be confusing, especially for inexperienced users.

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